Yoga classes

Yogatonic offer regularly weekly yoga classes which are open to all abilities.  Please see our timetable for all yoga class times and locations.  If you're unsure which yoga class is right for you, please check out our class descriptions, or why not give them all a try and see which you prefer.


Beginners courses

Never done yoga before and want to start from the beginning?

Yogatonic offer beginners courses to help you learn the difference between a downward dog, an upward dog and of course the yoga basics.  On these courses we help debunk yoga terminology to ensure you feel confident in attending a yoga class anywhere, anytime.  Beginners courses include a certificate of completion and a free gift.

Please contact us for more details or keep an eye on our Facebook page for beginners’ workshops dates coming up.


Yogatonic offers one off workshops to give you the full mind-body experience that yoga can offer.

These are often unique one off classes/workshops with a particular theme.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for further workshops coming up.


Private classes/small groups

Yoga was originally taught by one teacher directly to one student.  Todays group classes are a great way to practice yoga as they are fun and affordable with a strong community feel, but a private class can provide you with more individualised attention that is tailored to you. They are a perfect way to work with special health issues or injury without the stress of joining a class.

Private yoga classes are an investment in your own growth.   You can also team up with a couple of your friends to have a smaller, more intimate class which is again, tailored to your group to share the cost.  Please contact us for more information.

Home visits

If you have a particular health issue that stops you attending classes (Such as ME/CFS, anxiety etc) and feel our services may benefit you, Yogatonic may be able to offer you a home visit.  We use a combination of meditation, reiki and restorative yoga during home visits to help improve your health and wellbeing (Depending on the health issue).  Home visits provide more individualised attention that is tailored to you. They are a perfect way to work with special health issues or injury without the stress or worry of joining a class.  Please contact us to discuss your illness/injury and requirements and we can look at ways we may be able to help.


Corporate yoga

Long hours, commuting and sitting at a desk all day can all contribute to a stressed workforce that is less efficient, with poor absenteeism due to mental health issues. It’s time to allow your employees to sharpen their saws by investing in corporate yoga for your employees’ wellbeing. Yogatonic can provide a variety of yoga classes for your employees either in the morning, after work or during their lunch hour.  We can provide taster sessions, regular classes or one offs.    The benefits of corporate yoga include; reduced absenteeism, better mental health and wellbeing, higher staff retention and less aches and pains from sitting at a desk all day.

For more information contact us to request one of our corporate yoga brochures.